Best Baby Activity Tables in 2022

Best Baby Activity Tables in 2022

Baby activity tables are a huge hit on the market today. 

Many parents are looking for these toys to help entertain and teach their young children colors, words, and many more useful life lessons. 

With this toy in such high demand, this also means there is a wide variety of different types of activity tables for different ages and heights. 

Many children enjoy these tables because it stimulates their brain. When a child’s brain is stimulated, they are learning new things and it makes them feel better.

When they feel better and are happy, they are more likely to take in and learn what is being said to them. 

Not only is this toy a great learning tool, but it is also great for helping many babies learn to stand or even sit depending on the model and type you are purchasing. Babies learn a lot in their first years by interaction with people and toys. 

A lot of these kid’s activity tables are great for babysitters and parents of multiples.

This is because many of them have so much going on that there are plenty of toys and objects for more than one baby.

This comes in handy if you are a parent of multiples, have a play date, or simply are babysitting. 

Parents also will benefit from this toy as it is a very safe toy to leave your child with while you are doing dishes in the next room.

In fact, many of these baby activity tables are very light and transportable so you can bring the table into the room with your or across the country to help entertain your little one. 

With this all being said; many parents are always looking for the best baby activity tables but never know how much to spend and which options are the best. 

These reviews are going to help parents decide which table and activities are best for your child.

In A Hurry? Here’s The Best Baby Activity Table

How To Choose The Best Baby Activity Tables

However, before deciding which table to buy you need to keep these few things in mind.

You need to decide if you want music in your activity table or if you want just educational and lights. This will narrow down your options as a parent. 

Next, you are going to want to find a table that is sturdy. Keep in mind these are not meant to be supportive but a crawling or walking baby should be careful and supervised. 

This is important because as stated many of these tables are not designed for support and your child could be hurt. 

As a parent, you are going to want to find a baby activity table that is very easy to clean because we all know children make messes.

If your table is easy to clean you will not have to worry about your child’s sticky hands touching and playing with the table. 

When looking for a the best baby activity tables, you need to decide if you want a table or a convertible one that will last as your child grows.

Many tables are convertible to desks as well as tables. Lastly, you are going to want to look for multiple activities on the table.

The more activities, the more your child is going to learn and interact.

Overview: 8 Best Baby Activity Tables

Top 8 Best Kids Activity Table (2022 Updated)

Woby Kids Play & Learn Activity Desk


  • Many Bright Colors (Oranges and Greens) that appeal to children
  • Many different and fun animals
  • Many colors and shapes
  • Easy to store
  • Changes with the needs of the child
  • Durable

This table will keep your child entertained in many ways. There are multiple ways to learn and you can set this product up in many different ways.

It can be used as a table on the floor, taken apart it can be used as a desk, or the Woby Kids Play & Learn Activity Desk can be set up as a floor sitter.

My Impression

The colors are not the most attractive colors for mothers but they are attractive to children.

This will help keep the child occupied and I believe that it is a great tool for kids to learn. The many features that this toy has is amazing for the price. 

Woby Kids Play & Learn Activity Desk is full of many learning opportunities for children.

This table is a good choice for mothers who want their children to learn colors, animals, as well as numbers.

Not only does it help with those options it also helps children learn to talk with its many words and sayings. This table is worth the money.

What Could be Better

Many people, according to online reviews, say that the height is not correct.

Many children cannot use the table as a table because it is too short. This causes many children to continue to sit while playing or kneel. 

Other than that small issue, it seems that many people love this activity table.

Fisher Price 2-in-1 Sit to Stand Activity Center

41tsMMIh1aL. SL500


  • White base/ Teal accents – Keep child engaged but isn’t completely hideous
  • This toy will grow as your child grows- adjustable seat
  • The padding is removable and machine washable
  • Removable toys
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable

While your child grows this toy will grow with them with its adjustable seats and durability.

The colors are very appealing compared to many other toys as this toy is white and teal.

As everyone knows children make messes and that is why the padding on this activity table is machine washable.

My Impression

The 2-in-1 Sit to Stand Activity Center is a great option for your living room. It has nice colors that are not too distracting but still keep the child engaged.

However, I believe that the cost should be lower because it is a toy that will eventually be grown out of. Keep in mind, that the toy, given you keep it in good shape, can usually be resold for a great value. 

Overall, the toy is great and it is a good learning piece for your child. There is one not so great feature and that is that the table takes batteries.

So, you are going to want to keep batteries at your house because this toy will go through quite a few.

What Could be Better

The table, according to many reviews, while durable, is not great for children who cannot sit still.

What needs to be better is that there should be more weight to the table so if a child is rocking the table does not lift off the ground. 

Another common review complaint that could be fixed is the easiness of the adjustment.

According to online reviews, it was stated that many of the seat adjustment heights were either a little too much or too little causing discomfort for their child.

Alex Jr. Sound & Play Busy Table

51slw0gZCZL. SL500


  • Made of Wood
  • Very Durable
  • Entertain Multiple Children at one time
  • 6 Different activities
  • Fun/Classic Colors

Many people and children enjoy this play table because it looks sleek and modern. Plus, it does not have all the annoying and bright colors.

Even though the colors are not bright, it still keeps the child entertained. In fact, parents love this table because multiple children can use it at one time.

My Impression

The table is very useful for parents who have younger children who want to start learning.

It is especially useful if you are a parent who has multiple young children, as the table is big enough to entertain multiples. 

As well as being great for young children, it has many useful features that make it worth the money.

It has the alphabet and many moving parts for stimulating your child’s brain. This is a key function of any toy that a small child uses.

What Could be Better

According to reviews, there seems to be an overall consensus problem and that is the height of the table.

The height is great for young children but as they age the table is at an awkward height.

This table would not be good for children who want to stand and not sit to play because of the awkward height. 

Another problem is that some people order this toy and receive ones that do not seem as durable.

Some people have had issues with the plastic drum cover breaking and making it sharp which could hurt children. While other parents have noticed very wobbly legs.

Vtech Magic Star Learning Table

51E1b0SY4AL. SL500


  • 2 Languages ( English/Spanish)
  • 6 Activities
  • Plays Music
  • Learn Colors by song
  • Strengthens Motor Skills

This activity table is full of great features and attachments to help children learn and tune their motor skills.

One feature, in particular, is the steering wheel that when turned moves the bear across the table. This feature, in particular, helps with motor skills.

It is also a table that helps with colors and stimulation of the brain.

My Impression

This table is lightweight making it a great table for on the go or even bringing from room to room without hassle.

It is full of many different colors and noises to help stimulate your child’s brain. This is especially important because the stimulation will help your child learning. 

This table is also a great choice because it is not the most expensive but is full of all the things your child will need in an activity table.

Plus, it is good for a span of ages that includes three months to three years.

What Could be Better

One main issue that could be fixed is how flimsy the table is. It is made of harder plastic but can wear down and become flimsy.

Because it is flimsy, a small child has to be watched so he or she does not tip this over and hurt themselves. 

Another issue that could be fixed is the weight. It is very light which as stated makes it easy to tip over onto a child.

Included in this hazard is the height. The height is too low making it easy for it to be pulled over or fallen on.

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

51+lIcU98FL. SL500


  • Captivates your child’s attention with many colors
  • Durable- Made of wood
  • Tree theme is great for any décor
  • Runs and gliders to help grabbing skills

The Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center is full of many different colors without making the toy obnoxious.

It also helps your child learn and helps strengthen motor skills.

One of the best features is that this toy is shaped like a tree, which makes it perfect for any location in the home.

My Impression

While this toy is very good at helping motor skills there is not a lot of sounds for stimulation. Children love lots of sounds, especially the ones that annoy parents.

Other than not having sounds this is a great activity center that is full of colors and motor skill developmental tools. 

This activity center is also made of wood so it is very durable and can be used for hours of fun and play.

Wood is a very strong material that will last more than most plastics if stored correctly in a dry place.

What Could be Better

Many people from online reviews state that it is very difficult to put together.

The screws that come with it for assembly are almost impossible to get into the spaces to be put together. 

Also stated was that many times when you order this product the screws and/or washers do not often come with it. 

Lastly, it is not as tall as it states it should be. Children often outgrow this toy by the time they are a year old.

This is because once they are that old it is very easy to be pulled onto themselves if not supervised while using the toy.

Dahuniu Baby Activity Table Baby and Toddler Learning Table

51BIT1btB1L. SL500


  • Music Centers-Every piece except the giraffe plays music when pushed
  • Light up Features
  • 2-in-1 – Can be used as a desk or table

The Washtime Baby and Toddler Learning Table is great for babies and toddlers because it can be used as a desk or table.

Not to mention there are many musical activities available for your child that it will keep them learning.

With the music and lights, your child’s brain will be stimulated for happiness and learning.

My Impression

Overall, this table is pretty simple with being white accented with the colored animals as well as toys.

Children are going to love all the musical aspects of this whereas the parents may not. However, these features will help your child learn and become independent. 

This table is going to accommodate your child throughout the years as he or she grows.

This is a plus because you only have to make a one-time purchase as your child ages from three months to three years.

What Could be Better

In all reality, according to online reviews, this activity table is a great one. There are no negative reviews on this specific table.

This may be one of the best out there according to reviews. All reviews online are 5-star reviews with very happy customers.

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

41II gvEFGL. SL500


  • Stimulates the baby’s brain to make music
  • Piano, drums, guitar, and French horn features
  • Numbers and letters taught through piano
  • 3 languages- Spanish, English, and French

The Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table is a great table to help your child learn and play.

The interactive piano helps teach numbers and letters to your child. Not only is your child going to love the piano but all the other interactive parts on this table.

My Impression

This table is great for a small child to a child up to 36 months. The design is great to help children learn and be more independent.

A child also gets to learn musical talent and they learn numbers as well as letters. This is why the table is good for smaller babies to toddlers. 

Not only are there many musical features, but there is also a feature of three different languages.

This will help your child learn their first language but even maybe their second at the same time.

No matter the language your child’s brain will be stimulated into learning.

What Could be Better

According to online reviews, many people have stated that this is one of the most unsteady tables. The legs are not accommodating to growing and mobile children.

Parents state that it is also very light and can be tipped over. This is unsafe for children as they can get hurt or trip on the table. 

Another thing that could be fixed is the functionality of the table. Many people state that their table is great while it works.

According to online reviews people state that the table malfunctions soon after purchase without much wear on it.

Baby Einstein Curiosity Table

41bhi4L+2TL. SL500


  • Over 20 colorful gears
  • Music
  • Table legs can be removed for floor use
  • All other Giggly Gears collection gears can be used on this table

Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Playset is a great table for interactive children.

Not to mention it helps motor skills tremendously. Your child will love these rotating pieces to strengthen their motor skills.

My Impression

While all learning tables are great for your child, this one is great, especially for motor skills.

It will help a child learn to use their hands to turn and rotate the gears on this activity table. This table does not have music which makes the child imagine and make their own noises. 

The gears are all stackable on the table and turn. This is a great aspect to the table for children. The gears are large enough to not be a choking hazard for any age.

This is important because the gears are meant to come off and children stick things in their mouth.

What Could be Better

Many online reviews state that the table looked really cool but the functionality was pretty poor.

The table looks like it would do some cool things but in reality, it is just stackable gears that make no sense. The last thing is that a lot of people complained not all the gears for the table were shipped with it. 

Not only do the gears cause issues, but they can also be dangerous because a child can get their fingers stuck.

Young children are prone to getting their fingers stuck in the gears as stated by one online review.


All children’s activity tables are made differently to support different age children. Some things that may be different from one another is the noise.

Some tables have noises and some do not. This is all to accommodate the parent’s needs as well.

Parents will also notice a lot of tables are similar but the prices are different. It is important to note that there are always many moving pieces for your child to learn.

It is up to you to figure out which features are best for your child.

With so many different activity tables, you are sure to notice the differences between all of them but also the similarities.

It is important that you are aware of all the pros and cons of every table to ensure it meets your children’s safety needs. Some tables are more durable and sturdier than others are.

As a parent, it is ultimately up to you as to which table you choose. While one may be good another may be great to you but another parent may think the same.

It is important that you do your research and find the very best table for your child and their age.

Lastly, all tables are created for the purpose of entertainment and education. As a parent, you will need to find the best table for your child’s age.

Different tables have different ages they recommend. You should keep these ages in mind as it is ultimately a safety precaution as well as for educational purposes.


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