Top 25 Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boy in 2022 [Amazing Gift Ideas]

Top 25 Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boy in 2022 [Amazing Gift Ideas]

With so many great toys out there, finding the best toys for 6 year old boy can be a bit of a hassle. It’s no longer as simple as walking down to Toys-R-Us and letting them pick whatever catches their eye!

But don’t worry; we’ve got a great list of all the best toys for 6 year old boy so you can find the perfect thing for their birthday party, or as a reward for doing well in school.

In A Hurry? Here’s The Best Toy for 6 Year Old Boy

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​Take-Apart Construction Vehicle TrucksWhy we love it?

  • Improves hand-eye coordination, STEM building, engineering, sensory development, fine motor skills, 
  • Moving parts allow for a realistic construction experience
  • Great as an individual or group craft project for boys

Let’s take a look at all these wonderful gift ideas down below.

What’s Included

Our Top 25 Picks for Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boy (2022 Updated)

Construction Trucks Toy Set

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  • ​Includes 3 separate trucks
  • Buildable and deconstruct-able
  • 90-day warranty

Most boys love toy vehicles of all kinds, so these construction trucks are a great gift idea, especially since they’re able to be taken apart! It comes with a small, kid-sized screwdriver so that they can do all the building during their playtime. These are great trucks for teaching your child the basics of spatial orientation or for preparing them to be little engineers!


  • Brand: Kiwi Kool
  • Uses kids’ screwdriver

IQ Builder Educational Set

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  • 3 instructional e-books included
  • Each ball has 26 connecting points
  • Designed to further IQ and intelligence

It’s never too early to start building the intelligence of your boy. By six years old, your child is probably in school. Why not help him to the top of his class with this Builder set? It comes with all kinds of manipulate-able pieces. 

The only real limit to what he can build is his imagination, as the set is designed to allow ultimate flexibility and creativity. For best results, play alongside him and teach him how to put together pieces and shapes into real, workable objects.


  • Brand: IQ Builder

Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

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  • Bright LED backlights
  • Paper-locking frame for ease-of-use

Some boys are destined to be artists. This tracing pad can help them grow their young talent thanks to its smart design and great features. It’s made to allow for easy tracing and drawing since it has a clipping frame that secures used papers in place. It also comes with a wide variety of colored pencils, although of course you can always buy more or add your own.

The pad is usable without batteries, but it does need 3 AA batteries if you plan to make use of its LED backlights. These lights mean your child can even draw in the dark if he likes (though not past bedtime!).


  • Comes with 10 sheets both tracing and blank, and 12 colored pencils
  • Comes with 1 graphite pencil
  • 3 AA batteries required (not included)

WolVol Remote Control Robot Police Toy

51o2KN906eL. SL500

  • Performs 10 different actions
  • Can walk, dance, turn around
  • Comes with remote control

This is a great toy for boys who like robots or mechanical buddies. The robot comes with a whole host of cool moves and lights; it flashes and makes great noises when it performs the suite of 10 different actions.

The robot is controlled via an included remote control, perfectly-sized for young hands and with a simple series of buttons that are easy to figure out. Most of all, this robot is quite big for a toy; it’ll stay popular with your child even as he grows taller and bigger.


  • Needs 6 AA batteries (not included)

Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids

513TKtOBkPL. SL500

  • Includes terrarium jar, USB cable, instruction booklet, all needed accessories
  • Designed for fun and education at the same time
  • Comes with LED light on the lid

What a cool gift!

This terrarium comes with everything you could need to start a terrarium right in the box, perfect for a young boy just learning how to take care of living things. This jar is sized at 4 inches by 6 inches and has an LED light on the lid, allowing your boy to watch the growth of his terrarium no matter the time of day. 

The terrarium grows in the day but can glow at night. The purchase also comes with a handy instruction booklet, so even if you’re inexperienced at terrariums your child can still enjoy the experience.


  • Brand: Mini Explorer
  • Size is 4”x6”

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

5105zCh kvS. SL500

  • Comes with: 2 cotton swabs, 3 test tubes, and cups, pipette
  • Includes several chemicals. Use with adult supervision
  • Great for STEM learning

Sometimes you just want to have fun with your kid, and this gift is the perfect way to do so, along with teaching them great skills for school! This science kit has many chemicals for performing all sorts of cool experiments, so parental supervision is required.

The kit comes with everything you could possibly need to turn the bedroom into a lab, where the magic of science can come with life and where your son or nephew can first develop an interest in science and technology. 


  • 20 pieces included
  • Brand: Scientific Explorer

​Big Mo’s Build-Your-Own Race Car

51keKKEqe6L. SL500

  • Comes with working an electric drill
  • Easy use
  • Designed to teach STEM skills

Little boys love to put things together and take them apart. Here’s another great toy for those kinds of kids. This race car can be put together thanks to the child-sized drill that’s fully operational, so long as you’ve got the batteries it needs.

The pieces are all included and are quite small, but once put together this car is a beautiful, colorful toy that really lights up the room. Several of the pieces have extras, too, in case the first ones are lost thanks to games and fun.


  • Comes with 30 pieces
  • Drill needs extra batteries

​Mettel Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

41C6I64u4fL. SL500

  • Comes with one red and one blue robot
  • Realistic sounds
  • Responsive controls

A classic toy that has stood the test of time. These robots haven’t evolved their design since the toy’s inception because they’re so much fun to use! The object of the game is to land the perfect punch and knock the head off the opposing robot.

It’s great fun for any team of two, and the robots and board are both solidly-built to ensure that the game lasts for a long time and many games to come. This is an ideal toy for boys that like to play games with others.


  • Board size: 10.5”x3.5”x15.8”

Melan Marble Run Gam

  • Modifiable track for variable play
  • Great for playing with others
  • Teaches STEM skillsets

Another idea gift for 6-year-old boys that like to build things with their friends. This set is designed to allow your child and his friends to build their own marble track, then set up their marbles and race them to the end.

The set is fully-changeable but sturdy in its construction; this means the set can withstand the sometimes-rough play that you can expect from 6-year-old boys. It comes with a series of colorful marbles and is really easy to put together. 


  • 122 pieces and 5 glass marbles
  • Set can reach heights around 70cm

​LEGO City Pickup and Caravan

61vVeVOf08L. SL500

  • Instruction booklet included
  • Depicts trailer and car, doors and inside playable
  • Precise, sturdy LEGO construction

LEGO has always been a mainstay of any boys’ toy repertoire. This set has a cool set of vehicles that, once built, can have their doors opened to allow for imaginative play with the handful of characters that are included in the box.

LEGO is a fantastic way to nurture creativity and spatial skills in a child. Included with the purchase is a detailed instruction booklet so your child can learn how to put it together himself without parental supervision.


  • Comes with 344 pieces
  • Comes with 3 minifigures

Vivibyan Walkie Talkies

51YOLCYulpL. SL500

  • Comes with 2 walkie talkies
  • 22 channels and 3-mile range
  • Great sound quality

Boys love to go on adventures with their friends outside, although sometimes this takes them out-of-sight. This is a great gift that can allow your kids to run around outside while staying in contact either with their friends or with you!

The walkie talkies have a fantastic range, over 3 miles, and a number of channels. The talkies are painted with cool army-camo colors to enhance the play fantasy. Each walkie needs 3 AAA batteries and they last for a long time once charged.


  • Needs 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Frequency: 400-470 Mhz

Makeblock Codey Rocky Programmable Robot

51vrYwygksL. SL500

  • Connects to mBlock App for coding education
  • 10 programmable electronic sensors
  • Built-in WiFi

Coding is the way of the future, and this toy is the perfect gift for 6-year-old boys who want to start learning while they’re young! This robot is programmable to allow them to start figuring out the basics of all types of coding.

It connects to an app for more detailed instructions and educations and can be used everywhere thanks to the WiFi that comes built into the robot chassis. It’s a great way for parents and children to learn about coding together, too.


  • Works with Mac, Windows, iOS, Chromebook, etc.
  • No assembly or batteries required

LEGO Creator Blue Express Red Racer Building Kit Bundle

51VWeGgSIkL. SL500

  • Comes with parts to build both a blue train and a red race car
  • Instructions included
  • Easy modular design

Another great LEGO set that’s one of the best toys for 6 year old boy. It’s actually a bundle, coming with both a train set and a car set. This is an ideal set for boys that can’t decide between their favorite vehicle or who build LEGO sets really fast.


  • Comes with 143 pieces
  • Both sets come in plain white LEGO boxes

Smarkids Building Blocks for Toddlers

51OZ7ofFdcL. SL500

  • Teaches STEM skillsets
  • Safe design
  • Easy-to-build

This STEM construction kit comes with a huge number of building blocks that are each designed to fit in four different ways. It allows your son or nephew to create excellent machines or designs that teach both spatial skills and functional intelligence. It’s an awesome toy that’s also really easy to use so that even young kids can have worlds of fun and learn at the same time.


  • 160 pieces included
  • Each block has 4 connecting ways

LEGO City Monster Truck

51nZ3EspDZL. SL500

  • Comes with truck, ramp, minifigure, flames
  • Instructions included

This is an awesome monster truck that has a sweet ramp to take the vehicle off jumps once it’s been built! It’s a sizable LEGO toy that’s perfect for boys who are really into trucks and bigger vehicles, and it also comes with a cool stunt driver to add to any kid’s minifigure collection. The large wheels are tough but great for rolling around on hard surfaces.


  • Comes with 192 pieces
  • Truck size: 4”x5”x3”
  • Ramp size: 3” wide and 2” deep

Scoot Hands-Free Mini Drone Helicopter

41q4SXWXaPL. SL500

  • Can be blue, red or gray
  • Charge in under an hour with a USB cable
  • Hands-free and high-tech

These drones offer great outdoor fun for boys of all ages. They can be chosen in a few different colors and work just from throwing them into the air! The toss starts the spinning rotors and smart sensors placed around the drone’s perimeter ensure that it won’t run into obstacles, allowing for true hands-free fun. The drones are lightweight and a lot of fun to chase around or fly like a kite. 


  • Brand: Scoot
  • No batteries necessary

​ThinkFun Math Dice Junior Game

51wpBgilaNL. SL500

  • Comes with instructions
  • Great for teaching mathematics to supplement school

Sometimes the best games are also the ones which teach while entertaining at the same time. This dice game is one of the best gift ideas for 6-year-old boys out there, purely thanks to its educational value.

It comes with a mat and 6 dice, along with instructions, so that you or your boy and their friends can all challenge each other and work those brain cells without even realizing they’re learning things that will help them in school.


  • For 2+ players
  • Contains 6 dice and storage bag

​Prehistoric Dinosaur Pop-Up Book

41anJtdgHvL. SL500

  • More than 35 pop-ups
  • Full-color pictures
  • Humorous, educational writing

The ideal toy for dinosaur lovers! This pop-up book is chock full of awesome pictures of boys’ favorite dinos. The book contains detailed information for memorization and explanation; everyone knows how much little boys like to fixate and specialize, even early on. The book’s writing is also laced with great humor so that adult or child reading it will be amused as well as educated.


  • 12 pages in length

Drawing Stencil Kit for Kids

61XMBGqjUOL. SL500

  • Over 280 stencil shapes included
  • Organization, fabric case
  • Great for beginning artists

This stencil kit is the one-stop-shop for toys for 6 year old boy. It’s got a huge selection of stencils and colored pencils for use on over 280 distinct shapes; it’s a perfect system for teaching rudimentary drawing techniques. Toys like this are great because they allow your son or nephew to have fun while also developing a great hobby or skill for later in life.


  • Contains storage case, 14 stencils, and colored pencils, 22 sheets, 1 pencil sharpener
  • 1-year warranty

TOPTOY Flashing LED Gloves

41WZmuDnBBL. SL500

  • Made of lightweight cotton/polyester
  • Very bright luminescence
  • Perfect for a holiday celebration

Everyone loves to party, and 6-year-old boys more than most! These gloves are the perfect gift idea for those kinds of kids who like to make the holiday or nighttime fun all the more radiant. The gloves shown here are very comfortable and run on 4 batteries which are included with the purchase. They flash and light up in a variety of cool patterns and colors.


  • Comes with 4 batteries for use and 4 additional batteries for later
  • 60-day warranty included

Toch Remote Control Programmable Robot

51hbuEyjZHL. SL500

  • Motion sensors built-in
  • Dances and sings
  • 2 movement modes: walking or sliding

Another excellent toy robot lands on our list. It’s got remote control and two different movement modes to keep play fresh and exciting. The eyes light up and dazzle the kids playing with it, and to top it off this ‘bot even sings and dances to provide entertainment.


  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Powered by USB-rechargeable battery

​Magic Journey Flexible Track Set

51cEUKu6bmL. SL500

  • Customizable track and bridge
  • Dinosaurs and car included for play

This track set is such a cool toy for 6-year-old boys thanks to its customizable track and the car they can run along the path they made up themselves! This track set is very flexible and easy-to-assemble, making it ideal for boys who are rough with their toys or who don’t have the patience for more precise models.


  • Over 142 pieces
  • Car needs AA battery (not included)
  • Made from eco-friendly materials

JITTERYGIT 3-in-1 Creative Set


  • Can be 1 of three forms: Robot, truck, or animal
  • Includes cool coloring poster
  • Teaches STEM skillsets

This robot has a cool component in that it’s transformable; it’s a great gift for boys who like to change or modify their toys. It can become a robot, truck or animal, and each form is distinct from the others. The set encourages creativity and outside-the-box thinking, as well as being durably-constructed. The coloring poster that comes with the purchase is beautiful once filled in and measures 10”x16”.


  • Brand: Robotryx

​Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

41vUB4NS+8S. SL500

  • Features multiple launch pads
  • Great for all standard Hot Wheels cars

Hot Wheels is a staple of boys’ toys all across the country. A great example is this track, which entangles the cars and challenges your boy to figure out how best to time and organize his vehicles for maximum speed and fun. It’s a great game-within-a-game that can entertain or delight for hours, and it can even be done with friends, too!


  • Includes 1 Hot Wheels car in the box

​Ultimate DIY Slime Kit

51 C17I0cRL. SL500

  • Instruction booklet inside
  • Glow in the dark and color-changing powders included
  • Has everything to need to begin right away

Check out this awesome slime kit if your boy is in the mood to have fun and make a mess! This kit comes with an assortment of awesome slime types and colors that are washable for easy clean-up once playtime is over. This is a fantastic gift for boys with a uniquely-messy artistic side.


  • Includes 10 storage containers, 8 different slimes

Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boy: Buying Guide

Toy Importance and Benefits

Toys are super important for boys of this age; when they turn six they’re already in school and starting to make friends. At the same time, boys are getting faster and more energetic. They need outlets and methods to keep their energy manageable while being channeled into fun or creative pursuits.

Toys and gifts for 6 year old-boy should focus on providing them with cool creative games or ways to grow their individual favorite hobbies. Think about finding games or building kits, for instance; these can both entertain and educate your son or nephew at the same time.

Or try to find toys that they can play with outside. Little boys love to expend excess energy, and the best place to do that is in the great outdoors where they can run around to their heart’s content. Outside play is universally-recognized to be a great thing for children of all ages and genders to engage in, so make sure your boy isn’t neglecting this important activity for more sedentary play.

Factors to Consider

Before choosing a toy, think about things like battery needs and cost and electronic usage in relation to the rest of the day. It’s important that a young boy gets a good balance of mental and physical activity throughout their playtime, so you don’t want to learn too heavily one way or the other. 

For instance, don’t just get toys that stimulate their mind inside; mix it up a little and grab some toys for running around in the grass, too. Well-balanced play is the best way to ensure that your boy grows up healthy and happy.


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