Top 20 Best Toys for 9 Year Old Boy in 2022 [Amazing Gift Ideas]

Top 20 Best Toys for 9 Year Old Boy in 2022 [Amazing Gift Ideas]

At this age, little boys are becoming rowdier and smarter at the same time! It might sound like a lot to handle, but grabbing the right toys can make your job as a parent all the easier. But how can you know which toys to pick for you 9 year old boy?

In A Hurry? Here’s The Best Toy for 9 Year Old Boy

Best Learning iPoster My USA Interactive Map

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Why we love it?

  • Learn basic information, climate, general knowledge and fun facts about the 50 States with over 500 facts
  • Challenge yourself by the basic quiz or advanced quiz
  • Learn the location, capital city, and the largest city of each state

Let us help! We’ve done the heavy lifting and found an assortment of the best toys for 9 year old boy that covers all kinds of interests and focuses: outdoor activity, learning, and group play. Check out what we found and pick your favorites!

Our Top 15 Picks for Best Toys for 9 Year Old Boy (2022 Updated)

Best Learning iPoster My USA Interactive Map

61y6547 DDL. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Over 500 facts about the states
  • Interactive, touch-based

Some of the best gift ideas and toys for 9 year old boy are things they can put on their wall. This map takes it one step further since it’s interactive. It’s got a whole host of interesting facts about all 50 states in the United States, and it’s activated by your boy simply touching the map. The artwork is colorful and detailed; it’s much more complex than an easy map for a toddler or younger child. It’s been such a successful learning tool, in fact, that it’s won several major awards.


  • Need 3 AA batteries (included)
  • Winner of academic awards

LOOIKOOS Walkie Talkies for Kids

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Why Experts Recommend It?

  • 2-mile range
  • 22 channels
  • Easy grip

Every boy and his friends love to play outside and vanish from sight. Use these walkie-talkies to keep him in contact or give them to his buddies so they can play with each other over long distances. The range is really generous, at 2 miles, and the talkies are a perfect size and shape for small hands. These walkie talkies have 22 different channels and extra features, activatable via the buttons on the front.


  • Flashlight for kids on the top
  • Each walkie needs 4 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Small and light body (80 grams)

Playz Disgusting and Gross Zombie Farts, Boogers and Blood Slime Science Set

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Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Engages the mind, teaches STEM skill sets
  • Good for multiple kids

Little boys love to play with gross things. This set lets them get that silly stuff out of their system while teaching them about science at the same time. The set is designed to teach core STEM concepts surrounding math, chemistry, and spatial organization; it’s a great science set to be used with his friends or between parent and child. The instruction booklets within have all the rules and ingredient lists so you know what you’re doing.


  • Safe materials used for products
  • 34+ tools and ingredients

Vtech Kidzoom Smartwatch DX

514SpBi7vnL. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Contains micro USB cable
  • 50+ clock face designs
  • Alarm, stopwatch, and timer included
  • Extra photo and file features

Now, this is a smartwatch! It’s absolutely packed with cool features like an alarm, a stopwatch, and a file-transfer system so that your boy can put pictures from the family computer or phone onto the watch for safekeeping. The watch has a micro USB cable to facilitate these transfers. It’s a tough, handy device that’s a great first watch for your 9-year-old boy.


  • Rechargeable lithium battery-powered
  • Brand: Vtech

Marky Sparky Blast Pad Rocket Launcher

51fyOMzemwL. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Great for outdoor play
  • Rockets are soft to avoid injury

Sometimes outdoor fun is the best kind. This rocket launcher allows your son and his friends to launch missiles into the sky. Don’t worry about damage; the rockets are all very soft and plushy, so they don’t harm anything or anyone on the way down. It comes with 3 rockets and they’re all quite large, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them no matter where they land.


  • 3 rockets included
  • 1 blast pad, tube, hose
  • Maximum height is 31” tall

STEM Educational Construction RC Racer

51arYYo7+nL. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Trains teamwork and hand/eye coordination
  • Has USB-rechargeable engine

This is a transformable racer that can go between its two modes through the easy-shifting of its parts and gears. The construction kit teaches some great STEM concepts to your youngster that he can transfer to his classes at school. The kit also comes with an instruction booklet and a carrying bag for all the pieces. The engine does not require disposable batteries.


  • Made from safe, high-quality plastic
  • Needs 3 AAA batteries for controller (not included)
  • 326 pieces

Playz My First Coding and Computer Science Kit

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Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Learn about binary, encryption, algorithms
  • Colorful booklet with pictures and guides

Even from an early age, some kids are really into computers. You can help that interest along with this kit, which teaches all sorts of useful concepts and starting coding ideas. It begins with the basics and can progress in complexity as your boy learns how best to apply the knowledge he’s learning. The booklet contained within is perfect for teaching early programmers and kids who are interested in digital tools.


  • 30+ tools, ingredients, parts
  • No batteries necessary

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Foam grips and frame
  • Wide stance bounce tip

Some of the best gift ideas and toys for 9 year old boy are those which allow them to get their energy out via physical activity. This pogo stick is a great toy, as it’s designed for 9-year-old weight and height. It’s got a wide rubber tip to avoid any slips or bad falls and the entire piece has foam edges and handles. It’s a safe but extremely fun way to get your kid moving and bouncing around with joy.


  • Handles weight from 80-160 pounds
  • Size is 16”x13”x42”

Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set

51zCgAGm9bL. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Comes with carrying case
  • Ideal for beginners or skilled artists alike

This is a great gift idea for 9-year-old boys who aspire to become artists, or who are experimenting with their talent for the first time. It has a wide variety of assorted tools and colors for painting or drawing so your kid can experiment with both types of art. It’s also all packed into a convenient carrying case with a handle, so cleanup or taking his art somewhere other than his room is a snap.


  • 24 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, 24 watercolor cakes, 2 paint brushes, 2 drawing pencils, additional accessories
  • 80 pieces in total

Activ Life Best Kids Flying Rings

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Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Float in water
  • Lighter than other play discs
  • Soft material and grip

These are evolutions of classic frisbees. They’re lightweight and very soft to avoid any possibility of injury, and they can float in water to boot! They’re fantastic toys for 9 year old boy and their friends or their parents, should they decide to run around and have a great time, too! This is a pack of two rings, each a separate color.


  • 33g weight each

Playz Volcanic Eruption and Lava Lab Science Experiment Kit

61eDjCUUKvL. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Comes with a colorful lab guide
  • Great for teamwork and science education

This kit is a collection of the fun science experiments kids do in school all the time. It teaches concepts about chemistry and math to any youngster who delves into its fun ingredients and toolset. It’s great for a party or for doing with friends; parents can have fun too, explaining the interesting effects of mixing the various chemicals together. The booklets contained within have precise instructions and guides to avoid any toxic combinations.


  • 22+tools and ingredients
  • Safe, non-toxic ingredients

Occer shock-absorbing Compact Binoculars

516AYp3mmQL. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • See up to 1000 yards away
  • Sturdy, shock-absorbing construction
  • Waterproof

Everyone knows boys can be a little rough with their toys. These binoculars are designed for that possibility, being shock-absorbent and tough to break. They’ve got great magnification at 12x, so your son or nephew can see far into the distance and pretend he’s an explorer or adventurer without having to worry about breaking a real, adult set of binoculars with fragile glass lenses. This set is specifically sized for the hands of children, too.


  • 20 Millimeters eye relief
  • 12x magnification

Spacekey FPV WiFi Drone with Camera

41h4grlaB4S. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • One-Key takeoff
  • Altitude hold
  • Landing foldable arms
  • WiFi App available

This drone is one of the coolest toys ever, though it should be handled with adult supervision. It’s got a slick camera for taking pictures from high up in the sky, and a downloaded app can allow you or your son to transfer the pictures right to a phone or computer with a few button presses. The drone has a number of cool flying features to keep the images stable and steady, like altitude hold and foldable arms for easy landings.


  • 720p HD camera
  • 120-degree lens

Stomp Rocket Extreme Rocket

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Easy assembly
  • Rockets go up to 200 feet in the air

These rockets are designed to be launched with as much force as possible! They rely entirely on stomping power; simply slam your foot down on the launch pad and watch them climb into the sky, as high as 200 feet! The set comes with 6 individual rockets, and they’re each rather light and soft so they don’t cause damage as they come down. The launcher can be set up in mere moments, making this a great party toy.


  • Comes with 6 rockets
  • No batteries needed

Huang Cheng Kids Electric Guitar

41by+4R6eeL. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • 3 spin buttons
  • Optimal weight and durability
  • Perfect for beginners

For the musically-inclined child, this is a great gift. The guitar is built for beginners, so it lacks a lot of complexity of adult models. It’s got a few controls and is lightweight so that your son can feel like he can carry it around with him and rock out with his friends. The power output is minimal to prevent any hearing damage, and it takes disposable batteries for portability reasons.


  • Needs 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Power output is 4.5W

Theefun Safety Dart Board Set

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Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Easy install
  • No safety risk

Darts can be dangerous, but this board has soft-tip ones that eliminate that problem entirely. This is a great toy for 9-year old boys since it teaches healthy competition and hand-eye coordination. The beauty of darts is that it can be played alone or with friends. This set is easy to install, perfect for placement outside on a patio or inside the living room during a get-together with pals.


  • 6 darts included
  • Board diameter is 16 inches

Adventure Kids Outdoor Explorer Kit

51+WE0PfJuL. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Contains butterfly net, binoculars, backpack, and more
  • Comes with a flashlight and magnifying glass

This is the best gift idea for 9-year-old boys who love to explore the outdoors. It’s got everything they could possibly need for excursions beyond the boundary of the backyard fence: binoculars, backpack, magnifying glass, flashlight, you name it. It’s all contained in the purchase and everything’s made to be durable and long-lasting. Some of the devices require disposable batteries, like the flashlight.


  • Made of high-quality materials

Snap Circuits 3D Illumination Electronics Exploration Kit

61RbqCk9agL. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • 150+ projects
  • Combine with other Snap games and sets

This kit teaches fundamentals about circuit behavior and the surrounding science through games and puzzles. These are framed as projects to be completed, perfect for any little achiever who likes to feel accomplished. It can be combined with other Snap products to make larger and more complicated circuit systems if he outgrows the challenge level of this set.


  • 50+ parts

Hauck Lightning Pedal Go Kart

51Hg+dvOJZL. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Ergonomic Adjustable Seat
  • Sharp handling
  • 3-point steering

While real go-karts are a little too high-powered for 9-year-olds, this kart is entirely foot-powered but is shaped like the real thing. It’s a great yunnnollc-20nt for a small bicycle and is responsive to steering, allowing your son to zoom around the road or backyard as nimbly as if he were driving a motorized vehicle. It’s not too heavy or big for an adult to move, too.


  • Size is 38”x21”x22”
  • Weighs 21 lbs

Robobloq DIY Q-Scout Programming Robot Car

418uK59szXL. SL500

Why Experts Recommend It?

  • Rigged with ultrasonic and classic sensors
  • Arduino and Scratch 3.0 Programming

This STEM-educational robot primarily teaches programming languages and fundamentals through modifying its behavior and attributes. The sensors, for instance, can be changed or programmed differently through skilled use. It’s ideal for kids who are interested in programming and computers from a young age, and everything is made with non-toxic materials. For ease-of-use, the car is compatible with most operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. This allows programming to happen either at a desktop, laptop or even on a tablet.


  • All components made from non-toxic materials
  • Compatible with most operating systems
  • Needs 6 AA batteries

Best Toys for 9 Year Old Boy: Buying Guide

Toy Importance and Benefits

Toys are extremely important as kids grow and develop. Not only are they a primary way through which they interact with the world, but they also help children develop their most-used skills and favorite hobbies, which can extend into adulthood long after their childhood has ended. Oftentimes, what a child starts to enjoy as a kid they continue to enjoy as they grow up. 

For instance, kids who enjoy sports often pick and love to play with toys that take them outside where they can expend their energy. It’s important to give them toys that allow them to hone their skill and express their energy in positive, healthy ways instead of scooping them up indoors.

Likewise, boys who are more studious and who enjoy mental challenges will appreciate toys that expand their knowledge, and which allows them to focus their efforts on intellectual pursuits. Toys or games that bring forth these kinds of skill sets will allow them to grow in confidence.

Toys at this age are still very important, even as kids begin to socialize more and start to develop time-spending habits that take them away from the traditional play. Therefore, selecting the right toys is still crucial until they are old enough to pick their presents themselves.

Factors to Consider

When choosing toys for 9 year old boy, consider what kind of boy you’re shopping for! It won’t do any good to try to push your child into toys that he won’t enjoy using, after all. At this age, toys aren’t usually dangerous to kids so you don’t need to be especially careful about things like choking hazards and the like.

Instead, focus on finding toys that are appreciated and used frequently by your son or nephew. For instance, if your boy loves to play football, don’t force him to play indoors on his birthday by only getting him academic games. Buy some awesome toys that let him run around with his buddies in the backyard! There’s plenty of time for schooling and education in school, so let him just be a kid and enjoy his free time when he’s at home!

Likewise, quiet or intellectual boys will appreciate awesome games or science sets that push their creativity. Getting them sports toys might only make them feel self-conscious or wrong in their behavior; this is the wrong approach. You want to build them up, right? So focus on providing them with ways to prove their worth and develop those skill sets that they enjoy, particularly if they love to read or write. 


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