Best Water Tables for Toddlers and Preschoolers in 2022

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Summer is coming.

And who doesn’t love a good splash?

Especially the kids.

It seems like every year, as soon as it starts to get warmer, the kids immediately want to go outside. And how to get cooled off? 

Back in the old days, kids used the pool. But what happens when mom is too tired to help them swim?

After all, you have to change clothes, get towels out, and go to the pool. And saying no just leads to a fit. 

There is always option number two: turn on the sprinkler. But what happens when the yard has already been watered? Or there’s a drought on, and you can’t water the lawn?

If only there was a kid-sized, parent-friendly solution….

Introducing the best water tables for toddlers and preschoolers. 

In A Hurry? Here’s The Best Water Table for Toddlers

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

Why we love it?

  • Fun pirate ship themed water playset
  • Spinners cause current in the ship which moves floating objects around
  • Large number of accessories
  • Kids can aim and squirt water from the water cannon

What is a Child’s Water Table?

A child’s water table contains a small amount of water on a table for hours of fun. 

With toys, spinners, slides, and squirt guns a water table ensures that your child can safely play in the water on hot summer days.

The best water tables for toddlers on the market all include three things:

  • Small amounts of water placed at your child’s height. This also helps to encourage standing to build strength in little legs. It will help you rest easy because your kid won’t fall in.
  • Indoor/Outdoor use. Water tables are readily adaptable for inside fun with a little sensory sand, rice, beans, water beads, pit balls, or noodles. This can be an excellent application for kids that need a sensory area in the house. Then, during the hot summer months, you can take them outside for some wet fun.
  • Fun toys! From squirt toys to buckets, toys make water tables the most fun. It is like an outside bath time your kid is guaranteed to love! The spinning wheels, diving boards, and other moving parts will also help to improve your child’s fine motor skills and critical thinking.

But how to know what water table would be best for your kid? Fear not!

That’s precisely why I have gathered the 7 best water tables for toddlers here with reviews – so you can take the hassle out of fun.

Some things to think of as you are making your decision:

  • Do you need a table that disassembles? This is important if you don’t have a garage to store it in.
  • Are you going to be using the water table primarily for younger kids or older? Kids water tables are best for children ages 18 months to 6 years old. Younger kids will be excited to stand while holding onto the edge and splash around. Older kids will enjoy the more advanced functions of tables, helping them to improve their motor skills.
  • How easy does it need to be to assemble? While some tables just click together, they also come apart quickly in little hands. Others use screws.
  • Do your kids have any favorite characters or activities? Water tables come in all styles. From Paw Patrol to pirates, there is bound to be a table for your little one. 

Ready to beat the heat with a water table this year? Here are the top 7 best water tables for toddlers and preschoolers.

Comparison Chart: Best Water Tables for Toddlers

Comparison Chart

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship – Amazon Exclusive
41pHE5iBN6L. SL500
Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Water Table with Accessory Set & 4 Characters
41+g3qSbysL. SL500
Step2 Dino Dig Sand & Water Table
417pICKylyL. SL500
Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table, Multicolor
41sDSegljDL. SL500
Little Tikes Fish ‘n Splash Water Table White
31aKD0XVqZS. SL500
Step2 Duck Dive Water Table | Kids Water Table with Water Tower & 5-Pc Accessory Set, Multicolor, Basic
41QS+JnuF7L. SL500
Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall | Double-Sided Outdoor Water Play Set with 13-Pc Water Accessory Set, Multicolor, Basic

Top 7 Best Water Tables for Toddlers (2022 Updated)

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship


  • Avast matey! A fun water play table with realistic ship details. Kids will imagine they are sailing the high seas with this nautical themed water table.
  • Interactive features. The anchors away pirate ship has several spinning features, which turn and move with the water. Kids will enjoy pouring water into the crow’s nest, then watching the rest of the ship spin. It also has a water cannon!
  • Pirate playmates! The set comes with two Pirates, a shark, lifeboat, liferaft, bucket of water, and two scoops for hours of fun.
  • Skull and crossbones jolly roger.

This pirate ship themed boat makes a great water table for little kids. From the anchor to the plank, kids are sure to enjoy this realistic replica.

Its many moving parts help kids to develop critical thinking skills. Plus, it is big enough that several kids can play at once. 

My Impression

I really like that this table has multiple elements for kids to play with. Out of all the water tables, this table has the most features.

This means that multiple kids will stay interested for longer. Plus, it has a stopper for easy draining.

What Could be Better

This is one of the more complicated tables to assemble due to all the moving parts. Plus, once the pieces have snapped in, they don’t come out easily.

Which is great to keep them from getting lost, but makes it hard to store the table away.

Because of this, it would be great if the table came with a cover. 

Paw Patrol Water Table

41pHE5iBN6L. SL500


  • Lookout tower. Be on the lookout for daring rescues, then plunge into rescue with the mini-slide.
  • Whirlpool spinner. The cranking mechanism in the center of the table will create a whirlpool. Watch out!
  • 3 squirting Paw Patrol figures, to put out fires on the high seas!
  • Water strainer to create realistic rain.

Have a child that is obsessed with the furry rescuers- the Paw Patrol? Then this might be the perfect water table for them to reenact their latest daring rescue! 

Join the crew as they disembark from the tower to save animals stuck in the whirlpool.

This round table has multiple activities to keep your kids engaged.

My Impression

This water table looks like a ton of fun for any kid wanting to save the day. It is easy to assemble. The whirlpool spinner is a great way to teach kids how water moves.

Plus, I love how there are multiple Paw Patrol figures so that each kid can use one.

What Could be Better

The parts set on the table, making it easy for curious kids to remove them.

As it is a cheaper option, there aren’t many spinning attachments besides the one big one.

Dino Dig & Sand Water Table

41+g3qSbysL. SL500


  • 2-in-1. The dino dig sand & water table is multi-functional. It has an area for water and a separate coverable sandbox. This gives kids an added element of play to their water table. 
  • A removable volcano ( which covers the sandbox) kids can pour water down.
  • 4 dinosaurs! What kid doesn’t want to play with dinosaurs on their tropical island? The dinosaurs also change color when exposed to water. For your little explorer, this could be the perfect water table.
  • A realistic palm tree. The tree also doubles a fountain kids can pour water down.
  • Molded in dinosaur bones, which your kid can search for in the sand with the two-sided shovel and rake.
  • Large table perfect for multiple kids.

A great 2 for 1 deal, the dino dig & sand is one of the most unique water tables on the market.

The addition of the removable sandbox makes this the perfect play space. Plus, the volcano lid protects the sand from getting wet when not in use.

It would be an excellent buy for any kid that loves dinosaurs and exploring.

My Impression

A sturdy water table, the dino dig & sand is easy to put together for hours of endless fun. 

Its unique style creates additional fun for kids that love dinosaurs. I love that has a sandbox for added sensory fun.

What Could be Better

Younger kids may use the table to mix the sand and water. So, it might be best to use it as a full water table until they get a little older.

Also, unlike other best water tables for toddlers, there are no spinners for kids to enjoy the water falling.

Finally, it is on the shorter side for older kids (4-6 years may be too tall).

Little Tikes Spiralin Seas Waterpark Play Table

417pICKylyL. SL500


  • 5 round characters that squirt water.
  • Ferris wheel which holds 4 characters. Your child can turn it by hand to scoop characters out of the water.
  • A giant character slide in the middle. It also fits other small balls.
  • Twin water wheel. Kids can watch it activate by pouring water inside.

This colorful water table is great for developing early motor skills. Children will enjoy seeing all the ways they can move the cute aquatic characters around.

Plus, as one of the cheaper water tables on the market, it is a good option for everyone to get into some water fun!

My Impression

This water table is great for endless hours of water fun. I love that it has moving parts that help the kids learn.

This could be one of the best water tables for toddlers since it is simple and they love playing with balls. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it is easy to assemble.

What Could be Better

This water table doesn’t have as many moving parts as some of the other tables, which might result in your child getting bored quicker.

Plus, once it is put together, it becomes difficult to take apart. Unless you drain it after each use, you will need to watch out for bugs, leaves, and mildew.

It works best if you have a garage or shed for storage.

Little Tikes Fish & Splash Water Table

41sDSegljDL. SL500


  • Get fishing with the included fishing pole. The pole has three hooks to quickly catch the next critter that floats by.
  • Launchpad and fishbowl to catch and release the fish back into the pond.
  • A spinning lily pad in the center of the table.
  • 5 floating critters, water cup, and fishing net create hours of endless fun.

This water table is a tiny pond waiting on its next fisherman!

The colorful fish help children to learn to count as they catch them, and the multiple ways to put them back ensure the play goes on.

The size and interactive nature of this water table make it a perfect fit for multiple kids. 

My Impression

The fish & splash table is sure to catch any child’s eye with the moving parts and colorful fish. I really like that it encourages the children to catch the fish and put them back.

Plus, the fishbowl topples over to release the fish once a certain number have been set in- a great way to learn to count.

It is also easy to assemble. 

What Could be Better

The water table’s launch pad can potentially launch fish really far.

Because of this, it is important to warn children not to pull it all the way back and don’t aim at each other.

Also, sometimes it ships with a leaky drain plug, so be sure to assemble it before your return period ends in case you have a leak.

Duck Dive Water Table

31aKD0XVqZS. SL500


  • Water table holds 4 gallons.
  • Here, rubber duckie! The table comes with 2 rubber ducks and 1 water-squirting frog.
  • Attached water table spinner creates rough seas for the rubber ducks.
  • Scoop water into the whirlpool water tower and watch it splash down for more rough seas.
  • Lilypad slingshot to send toys back into the water.

This blue and green table is sure to capture kids’ imagination for hours of fun play.

It is the perfect shape for multiple kids to play together at one time. They will love seeing how moving the spinner and adding water can move the water.

My Impression

I love how this table looks like a lily pad. It is a simpler water table, which is excellent for younger children.

Easy to assemble: no screws needed, everything just snaps together.

What Could be Better

The attachments are easily removable by older kids; however, sometimes they need help putting them back on.

As a simpler water table, it might not have enough parts to keep older kids entertained. Also, if the spinner is spun too hard the water splashes outside the table. 

Overall, this table might be better suited for kids toddler age, but it could be the best water table for toddlers we reviewed.

Waterfall Discovery Wall Playset

41QS+JnuF7L. SL500


  • Water maze creates an endless waterfall of fun. Kids scoop water up from the bottom basin and place it at the top. Then they get to watch as the water falls down.
  • 13 accessory pieces create the maze. These removable pieces turn, slide, funnel, and dump so kids can experiment. Move the pieces and see how the waterfall changes!
  • 2 sided wall, allowing for multiple kids to play at a time.

While more a water wall than the water table, waterfall discovery definitely deserved mention.

The creative use of multiple buckets helps to engage children’s critical thinking skills through play.

Plus, this water maze requires less water than some water tables – which might be a good thing depending on how curious your child is.

My Impression

I love how brightly colored this waterfall is. This wall would be super fun for the curious kid who likes to dump water in the tub.

Plus, it would also fit great in a walk-in shower during the winter.

What Could be Better

The removable parts are bound to get lost by little hands, and there aren’t enough to cover both sides of the wall.

While you can order an extra accessory kit, it would be nice if more came included.

Also, sometimes the threaded holes for the screws aren’t made correctly, and you have to fix them after purchase. 

If you’re not handy, the potential assembly required may be an issue.

Final Words

I hope that this guide has helped you find the right water table. Or at least, make you more aware of the options out there. 

Now that you’ve seen the top 7 best water tables for toddlers and preschoolers, the time has come to pick one. Don’t wait too long, because each day you wait is another day of summer heat!

When using Amazon Prime, you could have your new water table delivered and set up in just a few days.

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account already, click below to start your free 30-days trial now.

Next time, when your little one wants to go to the pool, you can ask them if they want to use their water table instead. You are guaranteed a yes!

What could be more perfect than sitting on the front porch drinking lemonade while listing to your little one’s giggles? 

And when you’re done, drain the water table with your little one. Together, you can use the water to water the flowers.

Happy summer.

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