How to Dress Baby for Sleep In 70 Degree Room

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There is nothing cuter than looking at your child fast asleep in their crib. And if you’re lucky, your baby will not make a peep until morning. Can’t say the same for me – but hey, you win some, you lose some! 

When it comes down to your baby’s sleep, I think sometimes people forget that the room temperature can significantly affect how they will sleep for the night. 

Personally, I like being wrapped up toasty warm while my partner prefers it to be cold (so weird, right?). 

Anyway, a lot of new moms always ask me, well, “how to dress baby for sleep in 70 degree room?” And that got me thinking that maybe this is more of a common question, and I thought! 

So here I am once again sharing my wisdom for all you lovely moms and dads out there, so you don’t have to worry or search any further. Let’s begin!

Ideal Room Temperature

Let’s be honest here. Babies spend most of their days sleeping, pooping, and eating for the first couple of months, so obviously, we want them to be as comfortable as possible! 

When it comes down to dressing your baby for bed, the ideal room temperatures, as stated by pediatricians, are anywhere from 68 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit. And what’s the middle number between the two? 70 degrees – BOOM! 

As a rule of thumb, I suggest keeping the heater off in the winter and dressing your baby according to temperature in the room as it is, as a safety precaution. 

In the summer, however, if the weather is super warm, you can always turn the fan going, so the air circulates throughout.

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How to Dress Baby for Sleep In 70 Degree Room

I recommend and one of the best ways to know if your child will be either too hot or cold in the room to put yourself in their shoes (not actually because they probably wouldn’t fit). 

But seriously, if you are in your child’s room and you are finding it too hot or too cold in the clothes that you are currently wearing, chances are that your little one is going to be feeling the same way!

When you’re a new parent, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and paranoid that your newborn is either too hot or too cold. We’ve all been there! 

That’s why I suggest layering your newborn in clothes! If they are too hot, you can remove a layer and vice versa. 

I recommend dressing them in an onesie with little feet socks on end and then swaddling them in a blanket for extra warmth. Just make sure to keep the crib free of any blankets or pillows to avoid any harm being done to your baby.

What Are the Best Types of Fabrics to Dress Your Baby In?

You should also think about the type of fabrics you are dressing your baby in for the night to ensure they are snuggled but not too hot or too cold. 

From what I’ve learned, you will want to choose natural fibers because they allow the fabric to breathe and are not overly restricting on the skin. Some threads that I suggest are:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Cashmere

These fabrics are breathable but are still warm enough to keep your baby cozy throughout the night without them overheating.

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How to Know if Your Newborn is Too Hot or Too Cold at Night?

One of the first indicators of whether your baby is too hot or too cold at night is to touch their skin. If their skin feels clammy or warm, take off the top layer of clothing. 

You can also check behind their necks to see if there is any sweat starting to form. Some physical signs of them being too hold can also look like:

  • Heated or flushed cheeks
  • Restlessness
  • Rapid breathing
  • Sweat on parts of their bodies

On the reverse side of this, if you think your baby is too cold at night, here are some ways that you can find out:

1. Touch their feet and see if they are cold. They should be at the same temperature as the other parts of their bodies. If they are chilly, then you can add another layer on top of their onesie.

2. If your newborn seems to be quiet and very still, wrap them in more layers and blankets to warm them up. Make sure to give them extra cuddles as well!

3. Use your own judgment! Babies and parents usually sleep in the same room for the first couple of months, so again, look at how you feel in the current temperature while keeping in mind what you’re wearing and go from there.

Final Words

This was one of the most challenging things when I first became a mom. I was always worrying about whether my child was either too cold or too hot until one day, my partner told me that I needed to relax! 

Remember, although your newborn can communicate with words, trust me when I say that they know how to communicate through crying and screaming. 

And before you know it, you’re going to be able to differentiate between a “Feed me” scream, “I just pooped” scream, and “hold me, I need attention” scream. These things come with time, but before you know if you’ll become a pro.

Remember, layering is your best friend, whether it be to keep your newborn at the perfect temperature or cleaning them up when they spit up without having to entirely change them multiple times a day. 

And even with that little piece of advice, I can promise you that it’s bound to happen more than a couple of weeks, so prepare yourself for fun ahead!

If you have any other tips or recommendations you would like to share about how to dress baby for sleep in 70 degree room, leave a comment below! 

I love hearing from you guys every week. Thanks again for reading –bye for now!

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